CinemAbysmal Radio


CinemAbysmal now has a Podcast network. We’re proud to announce that accompanying CinemAbysmal: The Podcast, we will now be producing two additional shows: Just F Already from CinemAbysmal: The Podcast host Holly Hill, and one of our favorite guests, Yoli Banos. Over on the other side, we’re producing Ed Wood Jesus Do? featuring regulars, Eric Scot Lemons, Nick Spanjer, and another one of our guests, Ian Miles. Here are the short descriptions with their attached links where you can find all of our archived episodes!:

  • CinemAbysmal: The Podcast is a round table discussion from the three writers of, Nick, Eric, and Holly. We talk about the worst of the worst media out there, followed by the best and we usually have a great special guest.
  • Just F Already features Holly and Yoli, two avid romance book readers. Together they will wade through some of the trashiest books out there, discuss their faults and their merits, and most importantly, let you know the moment when the characters should have just fucked already.
  • Ed Wood Jesus Do? is a research-based podcast from regulars Eric and Nick, with our new host Ian where we historically dissect cult films once a month. This podcast is very heavily researched based, and will focus on the making of the films, some of the cast information, as well as the makers of the film.