This April on CinemAbysmal!

Well, we’re already a few days into April, but we’ve got a lot on tap for all of you coming up this month!

  • Holly has decided that she will be rewatching The O.C. and will have a new (and surely, hilarious) review of each episode for you every Sunday!
  • If you haven’t yet, check out the last couple weeks of Eric’s reviews of The Fast and Furious Franchise! ( In that spirit, Eric has decided he will continue reviewing franchises for all of you, including his next trip down the Action lane with the Transformers franchise!
  • Nick will continue to review randomly chosen films from his collection and bring you a new one every Saturday! Check out the first volume in the following link:
  • We hit 500 Listens this week on CinemAbysmal: The Podcast and our listenership is growing bigger every day! We’ve got two new episodes for you this month, including our next on Monday 4/10, where Holly, Eric, and Nick give the special guest game a break and discuss some of their favorite films: Stuck in Love, Synecdoche, New York, and The Shining (respectively). If you haven’t yet, check out our last episode:
  • As always, we’ll be peppering in some random reviews for TV and Movies all month, so keep those eyes open!

Happy Spring, from all of us at CinemAbysmal!


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