Yo and Holly read The Minotaur’s Kiss, a BWWM paranormal romance by Erin St. Charles. You can buy it for only $3.99 on Amazon. Also, we have a full mini interview with Erin below.

We also figure out on the pod that Yo is in love, we love women characters who eat food and respect themselves, and we have a fondness for guys who turn into animals sometimes. Whatever, no shame.

The next book we are reading is RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny (Loose Ends Book 1) by Rebekah Weatherspoon. It’s only $4.99 and you can buy it here.

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Our Interview with Erin St. Charles!

JustFAlready: Who is your favorite romance author?

Erin St. Charles: OH GOD! That would be like picking my favorite child! There are a few I love. I got back into reading romance with Kristen Ashley, although I don’t read her much anymore. Theodora Taylor is probably my favorite indie author right now. Shelley Laurenston is my favorite paranormal author. Her stories are hilarious!

JustFAlready: What made you first want to write paranormal romance?

Erin St. Charles: Whenever I try to write a contemporary romance, my characters wind up being secret shifters, or conjure women, or succubi, or maybe genetically engineered super soldiers. I think the real world just doesn’t interest me. 😀

JustFAlready: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Erin St. Charles: My stories tend to be about social issues and the overarching theme that everyone deserves love. I’m a woman of color, and my late father had marched with Dr. King back in the day, so my stories tend to draw on minority experiences which, at the end of the day, is what shifter stories tend to be about.

JustFAlready: Do you self publish? What do you love about self publishing?

Erin St. Charles:I do self-publish, and I love it! I like the immediate gratification of writing something, getting it edited, having the covers made, the whole nine yards. My background is corporate marketing communications and promotions, and I have fun with the marketing aspects of indie publishing.

JustFAlready: Favorite Star Trek character?

Erin St. Charles: This is complicated. I have seen all the movies and shows. My favorite characters (in no particular order) are: Captain Sisko, Major Kira, Spock, Worf, 7 of 9, Captain Picard, Michael Burnham, and Tucker from “Enterprise.” Tucker influenced Bubba Cermak, a fan favorite from my series.


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