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21956060Welcome to the 6th episode of  CinemAbysmal Radio produced “Just F Already”!  Holly Hill and Yoli Banos get together once a month to discuss a trashy romance book and get a lot R-rated with you.

Welcome to the sixth episode of Just F Already. We got an iTunes review from Mizzy_Bizzy who asked that we read Monster in His Eyes by J.M Darhower. During this episode we find out that Yo loves Mafia books even though in real life she is a slave to the man. Although we both hate our main female character because she has the personality of a fingernail, we do decide that the plot is killer, even if the romance is less so.

We had a twitter recommendation from @MDrama22 who asked if we could do a same gender couple book in the future. So our next book will be The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes. Follow along with us!

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854757Welcome to the 5th episode of  CinemAbysmal Radio produced “Just F Already”!  Holly Hill and Yoli Banos get together once a month to discuss a trashy romance book and get a lot R-rated with you.

Welcome to the fifth episode of Just F Already. Holly and Yoli are still on pallet cleansing books after reading so many BAD romance/erotica novels. This time it’s Yoli’s turn to pick something nice and we talk about one of her favorite contemporary romance books, Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise! It features lots of food, great characters and a nice satisfying steamy sex scene. Enjoy!

Our next episode we get back to our roots of bad romance and we’ll be reading Devil in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower. Feel free to follow along. Thanks to Mizzy Bizzy in our itunes reviews for the suggestion!

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14384Welcome to the 4th episode of  CinemAbysmal Radio produced “Just F Already”!  Holly Hill and Yoli Banos get together once a month to discuss a trashy romance book and get a lot R-rated with you.

Welcome to the fourth episode of Just F Already. Holly and Yoli fan girl over Krelsey Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. The first full length book in the series, A Hunger Like No Other, follows Lachlain Macrieve, leader of the Lyake Clan, and Emmaline Troy half vampire half valkyrie on their quest for hot steamy sexy love. WE LOVED THIS BOOK, and are already reading the rest of the series. Be our best friend Kresley Cole?

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Welcome to the 2nd episode of  CinemAbysmal Radio produced “Just F Already”! Or as we like to call it, but the podcast world won’t let us, Just Fuck Already! Holly Hill and Yoli Banos get together once a month to discuss a trashy romance book and get a lot R-rated with you.

Welcome to the third episode of Just F Already. Holly and Yoli discuss the worst romance book they’ve ever read, Vicious by L.J. Shen. Vicious truly lives up to his name in this book as the worst male ‘romance’ lead we’ve ever encountered. Somehow our main female character, Emilia still manages to fall for him in all his hot-hole-ness. Yes that quote above is ACTUALLY from the book, but wait there are more terrible ones JUST LIKE IT. Listen for more!

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The O.C. Sundays – Volume Twenty-Four – Season One: Episode Twenty-Four: The Proposal

Recap by Holly Hill


Now that Marissa knows all about her ex boyfriend doing the dirty with her Mom, the gang decides to take her to a sad movie to cheer her up. Marissa cries through the entire thing, but assures Ryan she’s emotionally stable. Right, because Marissa Cooper just screams ‘emotionally stable’. As they’re leaving the theater they decide to go to Jamba Juice. Meanwhile, at Jamba Juice Julie is meeting Luke to discuss something he needed to see her about when Marissa shows up and loses that emotionally stable BS she was on about.

The next day Luke comes by to say sorry to Ryan and Seth and to let them know that sex isn’t still happening with Julie. Luke tells them he’s leaving town and that’s why he was meeting up with her. Now that his parents are divorced his Dad is moving to Portland and Luke is too. He wants to tell Marissa himself, but Ryan is doubtful she will see him.

Back to the adult world of that restaurant that Sandy and Jimmy are opening. The opening is TONIGHT, but their liquor license has been revoked. Assuming it’s a mistake Sandy goes to talk to the liquor board. Sandy finds out the commissioner of the liquor board, Steve Piser, who doesn’t mean anyone to Sandy, but happens to be a guy that Jimmy stole 250K from. In boring world, Hailey is hired as a hostess at the restaurant and Jimmy and her are keeping their super boring awful relationship on the down low.

Summer goes to Marissa’s who is off to meet Ryan. Summer sees the state of Marissa’s room at her Dad’s house and it’s a disaster. Summer gets an idea. She calls SEth over and they get to work making

Marissa’s room a home again. Ryan and Marissa make out on the pier so I guess that’s a thing again. They go back to her place and Caleb shows up to ask Marissa’s blessing.

Caleb: Marissa, your Mother is a wonderful woman.

Marissa: She is?

Caleb says he intends to propose to Julie tonight at the restaurant. Marissa doesn’t like it because it will make her Mom the most powerful woman in Newport. Luke meanwhile is super angry that Marissa won’t see him so he can say goodbye.

At the restaurant opening, Luke shows up driving super dupes drunk and sits in his car angrily. He decides to go inside because that’s always a great idea. Just as Julie is getting ready to be proposed to by Caleb, Luke sees the entire thing and takes off drunk in his truck. Kirsten and Hailey look like they’re going to throw up and they all start drinking heavily. Kirsten downs an entire bottle of wine.

Sandy: That’s fine I didn’t want any anyway.

At Marissa’s, Seth and Summer are being adorable.

Marissa and Ryan see a crash and an ambulance while out looking for Luke and sure enough Luke has crashed his truck and is headed to the hospital. The next morning Marissa and Ryan wait at the hospital for news of Luke. His Dad tells them that he’ll be okay, but he just had surgery and he’ll be asleep for awhile. They wait a few more hours and when he’s awake, Marissa asks to see Luke. Luke says he’s sorry and Marissa forgives him. Ryan and Luke have a heart to heart, which is kind of nice considering how their relationship started. They joke around for a bit and leave on good terms.

Luke: Welcome to Portland, bitch.

Sandy bites down his pride and asks Caleb for a favor to get the liquor license. Sandy sits Jimmy down and tells him about the liquor board. Caleb comes back after talking with the liquor board, but he can’t sway the commissioner. However, he says he has a better deal for them.

Marissa decides this is all her Mom’s fault and goes straight to Caleb’s office to tell him about Luke. Caleb talks first and says he knows everything already about Julie and still wants to marry her. Then he threatens Marissa with Jimmy’s liquor license. He says that she has to move in with him and Julie after they get married or he will withdraw his deal to Jimmy and Sandy to buy the restaurant they’ll never open. Since Jimmy needs the money and Marissa loves her dad she promises to do it.

Back at Jimmy’s, Marissa and Ryan hear noise up in Marissa’s room and go upstairs to find Seth and Summer in her newly redecorated room. She’s thrilled, but it’s too bad she won’t get to enjoy it at all soon.

Best Song of the Episode:

“Pride” by Synatx

Best Quote:

Marissa: Guys I’m fine.

Ryan: Yeah we know. Why wouldn’t you be?

Marissa: Because the guy I lost my virginity to had sex with my Mom.

Seth: Oh yeah, I remember that.

Number of Non-White People with Actual Lines in This Episode:

None. They didn’t even have non-white people serving people at the restaurant. Truly a white-washed episode.

Weird 2004 thing:

Julie: I had to block you from my buddy list you were so incessant

Luke: You blocked me? I thought you were offline.

OMG julie talking about AIM (AOL instant messenger) is too much this episode. Also, ironic timing since AIM finally closed its doors just this week.

Best Fashion Statement:

Nothing screams undercover like this awesome hat that Julie is wearing to meet her ex-fuck buddy who is in high school at the local Jamba Juice. Just says I’M A CHILD SEXUAL PREDATOR.

Justice League Pulls Apart Boxes

…is the headline Lois Lane must write after this movie is over. That’s literally what this movie is about by the way. Pullin’ apart them boxes. This is why we need super heroes guys.


Wonder Woman was amazing, right? Remember how good it felt walking out of the theater for it? Thinking okay, I guess DC can make good movies, they just have chosen not to make good ones up until now (with the exception of the Dark Knight series of course).

I’m not sure what exactly was unsavory about this movie. Was it husky Batman? The forced humor between super heroes with no chemistry? The robbing of Clark Kent’s grave? Superman’s fucked up face? Or maybe it was the fact that the heroes spent the entire movie trying to keep three boxes apart, only to essentially GIVE the last box to our villain, then spent the last half of the movie trying to rip said boxes apart. Cool. Boxes.


The movie wasn’t ALL bad though and I don’t think it deserves the rotten tomato score it was given. I’d at least put it at 50%. There were some funny parts, and of course Wonder Woman was there so hey it wasn’t all bad.

Let’s plot summarize and here’s some spoilers so watch out.

Some kids are taking a cell phone video of Superman after he’s saved some people. He looks weird. Is this a video game? No it’s real life. The kids ask Superman some questions and something is off. What is it? I know…it’s his face. Why is his face so fucked up (more on that later).

This video was taken awhile ago because of course (I honestly forgot) Superman died in Batman vs Superman. I couldn’t tell you how or why but I know Husky Batman blames himself for it. He’s on a roof doing his vigilante thing when electronic wasp men from another dimension pop up out of nowhere. Batman is able to kill the wasp and it leaves behind an imprint of three boxes?  I use a question mark here because I’m honestly not entirely sure what happens only that Batman has been tracking the three boxes for some reason and I don’t really know I’m bored even explaining it so let’s move on.

Let’s go back to our happy place on Wonder Women’s Amazonian island. The kick ass women warriors are guarding a box (oh boy boxes!) and then it cracks and a crazy man comes through who’s very tall and controls the wasp people. The women put up a 20 minute awesome fight to save the box from being taken but they lose, and lots of people die. It’s the best scene of the movie though so nice job.

The tall evil man, let’s just call him Steppenwolf because that’s his name, rages about some ‘mother’ and the boxes. He takes off and the amazonians light a signal on Earth to warn Diana aka Wonder Woman that this box guy is coming for them.


Meanwhile Husky Batman is trying to get a gang together to fight Steppenwolf. He goes to find Aquaman in a remote sea village by riding a donkey. I mean I feel like there are better ways to get there, but you just do you Husky Batman. Aquaman is like, you dress like a bat and have no super powers, I will absolutely not fight with you. Then Husky Batman goes to find Flash, and Flash is like, you dress like a bat and have no super powers? I am IN. SO IN.

Then we have the Cyborg because diversity. Even though half of his black skin is covered in shiny metal, we care about diversity, okay guys? Cyborg is like no thanks, but then Wonder Woman is like, do it, join our gang and he says okay because no one can say no to Wonder Woman. So now we have the Justice League. But wait, we are missing SUPERMAN. Oh yeah he’s dead.


Lois Lane is super unhappy about it, and whines on her lunch break with Clark’s Mom. Clark’s Mom is like Clark always said you were so thirsty. Blow job joke, nice. Everyone is sad that Superman is gone though and hate crimes are up and people are mean. There’s neo-nazis cursing out Muslim women in slow motion as crates of fruit fly around the screen (I wish I was making this up) and if only we bring Superman back we can get rid of this box guy once and for all.

Meanwhile, box guy has two of the three boxes. Remember how the Amazonian women put up a kick ass fight to stop him from stealing their box? Well the Aquaman people get thrown against some coral and give up in about five seconds. So now he has two boxes. The last box the Justice League has retrieved and this guy can’t destroy the world without the third one so of course they keep it safe and hidden right?

WRONG! So Flash and Cyborg dig up Clark’s gave, bring his coffin to where his space ship is in Metropolis, throw him in the spaceship water and then throw the third box in with him. There’s some theory to this but I couldn’t pay attention so just know that Flash charges the box, which charges the space ship, which in turn somehow brings Superman back. Superman gets pissed, fights everyone and in the meantime THE THIRD BOX IS STOLEN FOR ULTIMATE WORLD DOMINATION. You guys had one job…

Superman see’s Lois and calms his tits and flies them back to his corn farm in Smallville. He gets all Gladiator and strokes his wheat, I mean corn, for a bit. Then he’s like, “Well better go fight crime”, and the audience is like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE. WHY IS IT SO WEIRD LOOKING ( more on that later I swear).


So Justice League goes to this small town in Russia that Cyborg finds with his computer skills. Apparently box man is there, and Husky Batman suddenly speaks up that the town has nuclear reactors so of course box man is there. Nothing makes sense. Also apparently Husky Batman can just pull random facts about small Russian towns out of his Husky butthole now.

They go to the town, save a small family we’ve been forced to follow the entire movie. Spoiler, they live. Also, who cares. Luckily Justice League is able to stop box man by pulling his boxes apart. Nice job Justice League. There’s an after credits scene though where they’re bringing back Lex Luthor so if you hated him (and I would go by the critic and fan reviews that we ALL HATED HIM) then get ready for some more shitty shit.

Okay are you ready to hear about Superman’s fucked up face? So after the movie I googled it thinking, “Henry Cavill knew that this movie was going to suck and refused to be in it so they digitized his face right?” NOPE. They had to do a bunch of reshoots (apparently every scene Superman was in), but by this time Henry had grown a mustache for another movie and he was NOT SHAVING THAT SHIT OFF. So they said fine. We will film you with a mustache and edit it in post. Which is hilarious, because it looks awful and really just adds to the shitiness of this movie.

More Wonder Woman movies plz. k thanks. Bye.





Welcome to the 2nd episode of  CinemAbysmal Radio produced “Just F Already”! Or as we like to call it, but the podcast world won’t let us, Just Fuck Already! Holly Hill and Yoli Banos get together once a month to discuss a trashy romance book and get a lot R-rated with you.

In this episode, Holly and Yoli get a little Just Feminist Already, delving straight into a BDSM club book, talking about consent and also how you should ALWAYS make sure people have washed their hands before their fingers enter your body.

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